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STRING INSTRUMENT-all chordophones, two types: plucked and bowed.

Violin- 1600 to 1750 in Italy; bowed; brilliant and dramatic effect; nuances of f and p.

Viola-bowed ;larger in size than violin; has lower range b/c strings are longer, thicker, heavier; husky lower register; can be double another instrument (octave higher or lower)

Violoncello- bowed; known as cello; lower in range than viola; is for singing quality; resonance of low register.

Double bass- bowed; known as contrabass or bass viol; lowest range in orchestra; supports cello in 8va lower.

Harp – plucked; old instrument in Europe.

Guitar- plucked; old instrument originated in East Europe; lock like is banjo and mandolin.3

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