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BRASS INSTRUMENT-aerophones; cap shaped mouth piece attached to a metal tubing that flares at the end into a bell;embouchure-oral mechanism lips and lower facial muscle jaw;

Trumpet– highest pitch;brilliant;clear sound;ceremonial display;
French horn– sift passage;RH insert in the bell(hand stops by plugging);blends with wood winds,brasses and strings.
Trombone – larger trumpet;rich tenor range;U shaped slide that alters the length of vibrating air column.
Tuba– is bass instrument;adds depth to orchestra tone; dark resonance ranging from softness to rumbling.
Cornet– marching band.
Bugle– military trumpet,no valves.
Fluegelhorn– valved bugle with wide bell;jazz and brass bands;
Euohonium– tenor range instruments,resemble tuba.
Sousaphone– adaptation of tuba designed by John Philipsousa

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