About Us

  • Piano, Vocal, Theory ( rudiments, history, harmony, counterpoint, analysis)
  • Certified : RCM 1-10
  • Completion Academy in Europe 
  • Certification(s) in Europe & Canada
  • Stage performer: soloist, pianist

Teachers are qualified over 10 years! Our musicians have start playing piano & singing at early ages (all around Ukraine, in Russia, in Europe) and performing in Canada!  The Completion of Music Academy in Ukraine has been a success and honorable! Career continued in Canada and also succeeded in Piano, Vocal and Theory!


 Students are attending Festivals, Competitions and achieving 1st, 2nd, 3rd places! Kids attend RCM examinations and completing it with Honors. The aim is to make learning music fun! We will discover the best in every child who walks through the door confident, strive to instill a lifelong appreciation and passion for the enjoyment of music! The environment is safe, friendly, and above all encouraging!

Throughout the group or private lesson kids enhance more life skills such as social and interpersonal development, teamwork, leadership, listening skills. We want to make sure your CHILD leaves a lesson excited, happy and enjoys the music!

Social: in the group lesson your CHILD learns how to build a relationship with others and how to collaborate a set routine.

Teamwork: your CHILD is able to cooperate and respect others and also be accountable for yourself.

Leadership: your CHILD takes a responsibility for learning while simultaneously supporting others in learning too. The teacher needs to encourage kids learning together and stepping up in a group and be prepared!

Listening: your CHILD develops better ear site and plays on time.

A periodic parent phone call is required to check on development and success of YOUR CHILD.

Young Kids Age 3- Age 5!  Rhythm, pitch matching, and coordination of basic musical term sang through songs. Leaning Disney Songs and musical alphabet! Creativity and self-expression is developed through storytelling, drawings and playing games. Also, a social skill is developed between other parents and their kids. The most essential part is team work helps to build respect to others and personal accountability. In the end of the day the home assignments are given to guide practice sessions and a periodic parent phone call is required to follow up the development and success of YOUR CHILD!

A periodic parent phone call is required to check on development and success of YOUR CHILD.

RCM exam helps to self-discipline in order to succeed. The understanding of the hard work and long-term commitment leads to success. The completion of exam builds stronger self –esteem and confidence and curiosity to move up next level and discover more!

A periodic parent phone call is required to check on development and success of YOUR CHILD.