Music Theory

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  • THE BASICS: The Staff, Clefs, Ledger Lines. Note Duration. Measure and Time Signatures. Rest Duration. Dots and Ties. Steps and Accidentals.
  • RHYTHM AND METER: Simple and Compound Meter. Odd Meter.
  • SCALES AND KEY SIGNATURE: The Major Scale, The Minor Scales, Scale Degrees, Key Signatures, Key Signature Calculation.
  • INTERVALS: Generic Intervals, Specific Intervals, Writing Intervals, Interval Inversion.
  • CHORDS: Introduction to Chords, Triad Inversion, Seventh Chords, More Seventh Chords, Seventh Chord Inversion.
  • DIATONIC CHORDS: Diatonic Triads, Roman Numeral Analysis: Triads, Diatonic Seventh Chords, Roman Numeral Analysis: Seventh Chords,¬† Composing with Minor Scales, Voicing Chords, Analysis: O Canada.
  • CHORD PROGRESSIONS: Nonharmonic Tones, Phrases and Cadences, Circle Progressions, Common Chord Progressions, Triads in First Inversion, Triads in Second Inversion, Analysis: Auld Lang Syne.
  • NEAPOLITAN CHORDS: Using Neapolitan Chords, Analysis: Moonlight Sonata.